Meet our Tutors

We believe that we have the strongest Science and Maths tutoring team in London – evidenced by the high demand for our tutors, consistently positive feedback and frequent referrals from satisfied parents and students.

Our tutoring team has been expanded slowly to ensure that quality is not compromised. The tutors undergo a rigorous selection process before joining London Science Tutors. They are not only very bright and passionate about science; but are also clear and effective communicators of complex scientific ideas and concepts, as well as having a friendly and approachable manner.

The team has an exceptional educational background – all tutors having studied at Cambridge, Oxford, Imperial or UCL. All are very knowledgeable in their areas of teaching; most of our tutors being talented young scientists, doctors in training or aspiring researchers. In addition, many are actively involved in science education and communication projects.

Choosing London Science Tutors ensures that your science education is in the hands of experienced specialists.


Please find further details regarding some of our tutors below . Please note that the below list is not exhaustive, and not all of our tutors are represented – for further details and to discuss an appropriate tutor for your needs, please contact us.


Deep Lidder7a93d50d_o

Director of London Science Tutors

Education: MSci MA (Class I Hons.) Natural Sciences (Experimental and Theoretical Physics), Emmanuel College, Cambridge University. Postgraduate at Harvard University.

Approach and Experience: I am a highly experienced tutor and have a strong track record of successfully assisting students with their GCSEs, IGCSEs and A Levels. I have tutored at a wide range of levels:

  • Over five years experience teaching and tutoring GCSE, IGCSE and A Levels in London.
  • Teaching AS and A2 Chemistry and Physics at a Secondary School in London.
  • Lecturing two courses in Undergraduate Physics in Shenzhen, China.
  • Teaching A Level Physics and Chemistry at the Sciences Summer School, Cambridge University.
  • Teaching and tutoring A Level Maths at Hills Road Sixth Form College, Cambridge.

In Science, each student has a different way of visualising concepts and understanding fundamentals. An individual suggestion of another way of looking at something can spark that ‘lightbulb moment’ where everything seems to fall into place. That’s what I aim to inspire in my students. I tailor my tutoring to the individual needs and learning styles of each of my students.



Education: PhD Molecular Oncology, Imperial College, London. BSc (Hons.), Biochemistry, Warwick University.

Approach and Experience: I am an experienced scientist and have studied within the field of Biology for the last six years. I am very enthusiastic about helping young students to gain the knowledge they need to proceed within their chosen subjects or undergraduate degrees. My teaching experience includes lecturing Masters courses, and supervising research students. I specialise in tutoring Biology and exam preparation.
I have just completed my PhD in Molecular Oncology at Imperial College London, and have spent the last three years investigating lung cancer progression.



Education: MSci (Hons.) Chemistry, Imperial College, London.

Approach and Experience: I am energetic, passionate, understanding, patient, and a good listener. I know that exams can be stressful, but also that it is greatly satisfying when you can exceed your expectations. I believe that everyone is capable of getting top grades if they have a little help and encouragement. I am a firm believer that if you understand a subject you will be able to pass the exam, but also understand that a lot of exams can be technique and knowing what the examiner is looking for. I therefore try to focus on both knowledge of the subject and understanding what to expect on an exam. I remember what it is like to not understand something, be confused, or to be struggling with a high workload. I am used to seeing confusing explanations with massive logical jumps. I therefore know that this can sometimes be a road bump in understanding and can be very frustrating. I like to explain a concept in as many ways as possible.
I want to make people realise that science is amazingly interesting and encourage people to take science degrees.



Education: PhD BSc (Hons.) Biology, Imperial College, London.

Approach and Experience: I have experience of supervising and teaching Masters level Biology whilst undertaking my PhD research in Stem Cell Biology at Imperial College.
My study has been focussed on Biology for over six years and I successfully enthuse my students with my passion for the subject.




Education: MSc Human Molecular Genetics, Imperial College, London. BSc (Class I Hons.) Biochemistry, King’s College, London.

Approach and Experience: I am a friendly and patient post-graduate who will motivate you and help you to reach your full potential! I specialise in teaching science, having recently graduated from Imperial College London with an MSc in Genetics. Since then I have been continuing research on my MSc project in the UCL research department of Genetics, Evolution and Environment where I am working towards the publication of my findings in a scientific journal.

I specialise in tutoring Science and Mathematics; and have several years experience.



Education: PhD (in progress) Cosmology, University College, London. MSc Computer Science, St. Catherine’s College, Oxford University. MSci BA (Hons.) Natural Sciences (Experimental and Theoretical Physics), Robinson College, Cambridge University.

Approach and Experience: I have always been interested in a wide range of topics, and particularly those which were mathematical and scientific. In keeping with this, I’ve tried to maintain as broad an education as possible, even at a university level. At Cambridge I studied a mixture of physics, maths, chemistry, and computer science (eventually specializing into physics with a focus on astrophysics and field theory), and at Oxford I studied a course in computer science, choosing a theoretical route mixing pure mathematics with in depth understanding of computation and algorithms. This experience has taught me much about the interdisciplinary nature of science and mathematics, and I hope to pass onto students an idea of the breadth of ideas they can find in the bigger picture outside of school.



Education: PhD (in progress) CoMPLEX, University College, London. MMath (First Class), Mathematics, University of York.

Approach and Experience: Whilst at the University of York I took an interest in applications of Mathematics to Biology and undertook a summer project that modelled the infection Schistosomiasis. This led me into the field of Mathematical Biology, where I hope to have a career.
I like to encourage students to try to look at Mathematics as whole, thinking about how the different topics fit together. As well as preparing students for their study at school I hope to impart a passion for the subject that will lead them to independent study.



Education: BA (Hons.) Biological Sciences, Christ Church, Oxford University.

Approach and Experience: I have over three years experience in tutoring all Sciences and Maths up to GCSE, and Biology and Chemistry up to A level. I have a keen interest in Science journalism and am able to communicate complicated scientific matters clearly and concisely.




Education: PhD MSci MA (Class I Hons.) Physics, Trinity College, Cambridge University.

Approach and Experience: I conducted undergraduate supervisions for both Maths and Physics whilst completing my PhD research in Low Temperature Physics at Trinity College, Cambridge. I graduated with a Double First Class Masters in Experimental & Theoretical Physics, focused on Condensed Matter Field Theory.
I am particularly interested in Mathematical Methods in Quantitative Finance, in which I have taught an undergraduate level course.



Education: MRes (in progress), Imperial College, London. BSc (Class I Hons.) Physics and Chemistry, University College, Durham University. PGCE Physics, Queens’ College, Cambridge University.
Approach and Experience:
Following my PGCE I taught A Level physics (both year 12 and 13) and GCSE science for two years at Holland Park School in London.
In addition, I have also taught both A level and GCSE science on a one-to-one basis, and am currently enrolled on a combined MRes and PhD programme in the Plastic Electronics group at Imperial College, London.
A favoured teaching method of mine is to use analogies to attempt to make abstract concepts clearer (for example describing the shape of a magnetic field around a coil as being the shape of a chocolate orange), and I aim to give students the confidence to solve problems themselves. My experience as a classroom teacher means that I am familiar with the exam board requirements, and in directing students towards the writing style required to convert their understanding into marks.



Education: PhD (in progress) Physics, University College, London. MPhys BSc (Hons.) Physics, University of Leeds.

Approach and Experience: A PhD candidate at UCL with experience of one-to-one tutoring and of teaching at university level. I specialise in tutoring Physics and Maths. I am an enthusiastic and dedicated tutor who endeavours to instil a passion for these subjects in my tutees. I believe in taking a patient and empathetic approach with students and will always strive to establish a method of teaching that suits each student’s needs.

Education: BA (Hons.) Natural Sciences (Neuroscience), Trinity College, Cambridge University.
Approach and Experience: I believe that it is very important to encourage students to think for themselves. To develop a true understanding, one needs to be able to clearly communicate the idea to others. I try to ensure that my students understand the fundamentals of any scientific principle, allowing them to develop a personal toolkit to handle exam questions with confidence.

I have extensive experience teaching up to A Level Biology and Chemistry; and Physics and Maths to GCSE. I have taught Science both in the UK and China.



Education: MSc Applied Mathematics, Imperial College, London. BS Applied and Computational Mathematics, Jacobs University, Bremen.

Approach and Experience: I was lucky to discover mathematics and my passion for it from an early age, and since then I haven’t given up on it. As a pupil I participated in many contests and Olympiads, however the highlight of my high-school period was participating and winning NASA space settlement design competitions, which put sciences (Maths, Physics, Biology, Chemistry) and people with different backgrounds altogether.
As of tutoring strategy, I have a lot of patience and I try to explain in several different manners, with examples, until I find the best and most understandable way for the person I’m tutoring. I like seeing happy faces so I try my best to make the session enjoyable.



Education: MSci (Hons.) Chemistry, Imperial College, London.

Approach and Experience: I have a passion for science communication, and as part of my degree to took part in a ‘year of science communication programme’. During this year I designed and taught a 1-day Green Chemistry workshop for AS-level students in collaboration with the Imperial Outreach department. I enjoyed helping students understand new concepts and inspiring them in the sciences.

I believe that learning science is a fun and invaluable experience, and aim  to help others feel fulfilled by studying science and to understand scientific concepts.


KylePicture 7

Education: PhD Quantum Optics (in progress), MRes Controlled Quantum Dynamics, Imperial College, London. MSci  (Class I Hons.) Physics, Bristol University.

Approach and Experience: Mathematics and Science are something I am very passionate about, and passing on this passion is very important to me. I like to stress solid understanding of the fundamentals which makes it much easier to build knowledge for the future.

During my masters of research I gave lectures in science outreach and attended open days and the imperial science festival as an outreach demonstrator.
I am currently a working towards my PhD in Quantum Optics at Imperial.



Education: MSc Conservation Science, Imperial College, London. BSc (Class I Hons.), University of Reading.

Approach and Experience: Having just completed an MSc in Conservation Science at Imperial College London and previously a BSc in Animal Science, I have an interest in a wide variety of biology areas from animal nutrition and production to an understanding of and desire to conserve the environment, wildlife and natural resources. I would therefore like to inspire a similar passion for biology through my tutoring.



Education: PhD (in progress) Theoretical Molecular Physics, University College, London.
MPhys (Hons.) Physics, St Edmund Hall, Oxford University.

Approach and Experience: I graduated from University of Oxford with a Masters in Physics and am currently a PhD candidate at UCL where I work as a demonstrator and marker for undergraduate courses.
Having undertaken the 2nd year course ‘Teaching & Learning Physics in Schools’ during my time at Oxford University I have a keen interest in education policy. My approach to tutoring is largely driven through my experience of marking and demonstrating. I am a great believer in learning by actively engaging both simple problems, to help understand the fundamentals clearly & succinctly but also challenging & extended problems that are at the boundaries of the syllabus as a means of probing misunderstandings & misconceptions.



Education: PhD Organic Synthetic Chemistry (in progress), MSci (Hons.) Chemistry, Imperial College, London.

Approach and Experience:  I particularly enjoy helping students maintain their focus and to reach their full potential. I have a fascination with anything that sparks the curiosity and can work either as a support for the current curriculum, or to aim exam preparation. I also able to assist students with more advanced material. I am willing to work with students at any level of science in their studies, and would urge students to immerse themselves in science.

My approach to learning is simply a logical progression from the simple to the complex in small steps. This is how I still work on my research today. A thorough understanding of the basics, and knowing how to adapt these to any situation is key.



Education: PhD Physics, Imperial College, London. MPhys (Class I. Hons.) Maths and Physics, University of Warwick.

Approach and Experience:  Science has always been a big part of my life, whether it’s thinking about basic mechanics problems or trying to tackle the more global challenge of taming fusion plasmas. Whatever the subject, I have always enjoyed exploring new ideas and found great pleasure in explaining things to people.

During my 9 year research career I have gained teaching experience at various levels. I have mentored a student with learning difficulties, held problem solving classworks for small groups of undergraduates, supervised the project work of undergraduate, masters and PhD students and given lecture courses on advanced mathematical methods and electromagnetic waves.

My philosophy is that tutoring is more than just teaching, it is also about mentoring and about building a trust with the student to appreciate their individual needs and aspirations. My approach is not just to give the answers but to enable the student to find the solution using their own latent talent. I work with the student to build their confidence by providing an encouraging environment in which they can explore different ideas and techniques.




Education: MRes (in progress) in Modelling Biological Complexity, University College, London. MPhys (Class I Hons.) Physics, Balliol College, Oxford University.

Approach and Experience: After an initial degree in physics, I became interested in biology. Many techniques from mathematics and the physical sciences can be used to model living systems, giving us a better understanding of living processes. I enjoy interdisciplinary work, particularly finding out how the different sciences relate to and support one another – it’s taught me that there’s no such thing as useless knowledge!
I believe that the way physics and maths are taught in schools can often make them seem uninteresting and dull, which is a great shame, as they can be among the most fascinating topics to study. In tutoring, I hope to convey the fascination I have for my subject with my passion and enthusiasm. I like to give examples of useful applications of the things being taught, to give them a context and to provide a motivation for learning them besides just passing exams.



Education: PhD CoMPLEX, (in progress) MRes Modelling Biological Complexity, University College, London.  MSc Mathematical Biology, Bath University. BSc Mathematics, Bristol University.

Approach and Experience: I really enjoyed Maths at school (largely due to great teachers), and after completing my BSc in it I sought after some application of the things I’d learnt. This led me to the exciting and fairly new field of Mathematical Biology.
My time at UCL has been extremely varied, having spent some time filming fruit flies, looking at how long it takes us to read words, and looking at the circumstances for which we should express pain. Being part of CoMPLEX  (Centre for Mathematics and Physics in the Life Sciences and Experimental Biology) has meant that I have worked with many people from different backgrounds, which means that I am often explaining mathematical concepts to people. From these experiences I have found that I really enjoy communicating ideas and teaching new concepts to people, particularly when they have struggled to understand it in the past.



Education: PhD Theoretical Physics, Materials Science and Engineering, (in progress) MSc Theory and Simulation of Materials, Imperial College, London.  MPhys (Class I Hons.) Theoretical Physics, University of St Andrews. Robert T. Jones Memorial Scholar, Emory University.

Approach and Experience: Jassel has experience of a diverse range of disciplines, including Mathematics, Physics, Materials Science and Mechanical Engineering. Most commonly known as Jazz, she has a flair for communicating complex topics to anyone, be it with a simple pen and paper or a demonstration. Jazz is a strong believer in the power of  “teaching as if you have only just learned it yourself”, enabling the tutor to really understand which concepts are the most difficult or subtle. Jazz is a PhD student in Physics and Materials Science at Imperial College London. Last but not least, she is very passionate about science communication and works with the media and independent charities to engage with the public and widen awareness of women in science.



Education: PhD (in progress) MRes The Molcular and Cellular Basis of Infection, Imperial College, London. MBioChem (Class I Hons.) Biochemistry, Oxford University.

Approach and Experience: I am currently working towards my PhD in Infection Biology at Imperial College London, with six years experience in Biochemistry. I have two years experience in tutoring Maths to GCSE level, and Biology and Chemistry to A level. In addition, throughout my PhD I have led Undergraduate tutorials in Biology and Biochemistry, and supervised several Master’s and Undergraduate students through their research projects and dissertations. I am enthusiastic about providing students with the knowledge and confidence they need to proceed with their subjects. I successfully engage students with the topic and infuse them with enthusiasm to spur them on to individual study. My teaching style encourages students to think for themselves, which I feel is of paramount importance for success in the sciences. I tailor my sessions to the learning style and learning outcomes of each individual student.


Education: PhD (in progress) Nanotechnology, University College, London. MSci BA (Hons.) Natural Sciences (Experimental and Theoretical Physics), Christ’s College, Cambridge University.

Approach and Experience: I graduated from Christ’s College, Cambridge University, with a BA and MSci in Experimental and Theoretical Physics. I am now a PhD candidate at UCL, researching Experimental Physics. I enjoyed the breadth of science that I studied as an undergraduate, and like keeping in touch with lots of different areas of research, including my own.
I enjoy encouraging students to fulfill their potential. I like making them eager to learn more and understand important scientific and mathematical concepts thoroughly.




Education: PhD Physics, (in progress) MSc (Hons.) Physics, Imperial College, London.

Approach and Experience: I am currently studying for my PhD in Quantum Photovoltaics. I am a dedicated and passionate tutor with experience in tutoring students of all abilities, from supplementary term time tutoring to more intense final exam preparation. I have successfully raised the grades of all my students and endeavour to help further the understanding of all my students and inspire them to pursue science further.
My approach is to initially communicate with the student about the subject as a whole, to gauge their level of knowledge first, which enables me to target weaker areas more thoroughly. I like to use analogies to explain topics which students find conceptually challenging, as an alternative to the way in which they are normally taught. I encourage students to ask questions and be curious about the subject and often discuss interesting ideas at a higher level to help them gain a broader understanding of what they are studying and the reasons for it.



Education: PGCE Science Education (in progress), Nottingham University. MSc Human Molecular Genetics, BSc Biomedical Sciences with a year in Neuroscience and Mental Health, Imperial College London.

Approach and Experience: My University studies at Imperial consisted heavily of studies of Biology as well as some Chemistry. I have a passion for teaching. I embrace the chance to be able to transfer my skills onto someone else and help them understand something that they may not
be able to understand from teachers at school, to keep going over something until they get it. My aim is to make everything clear and to give them the best grades that they have the potential to achieve.
I very much enjoy teaching Science and am currently enrolled in a PGCE to become a full-time Science teacher.



Education: MSc Clinical and Public Health Nutrition (in progress), University College, London. PhD Molecular Genetics, King’s College, London. BSc (Hons.) Biology, Imperial College, London.

Approach and Experience: I am an enthusiastic Biology tutor, with first-hand experience in tutoring Genetics and Molecular Biology at university level as a PhD Biomedical student. I particularly enjoy passing on knowledge of fundamental concepts in molecular and cellular biology at any level and across different disciplines, and I am passionate about supporting students to excel in this subject.

I also have professional experience in Science Communication, and an interest in health and wellbeing, and public health.




Education: PhD (in progress) Plasma Physics, Imperial College, London. MPhys (Hons.) Physics, Merton College, Oxford University.

Approach and Experience: When learning in classes, it is easy to miss important ideas which leads to confusion and inevitable contempt for maths and physics. I’d like to be able to help students acquire strong foundations, so that they can see how enjoyable these subjects can be. I’d also be keen to share with them the exciting applications, so that they can appreciate the power of the principles they are learning and to hopefully inspire curiosity.

Also, being able to communicate science (be that explaining ones research, or teaching someone something new) is a skill all good scientists should have. Thus, the opportunity to teach would benefit myself as well.



Education:  PhD Physics, (in progress) MSc (Hons.) Physics, Imperial College, London. BSc Physics, Cardiff University.

Approach and Experience: On completion of my Masters at Imperial College I was offered a PhD position in the Plasma Physics Group where I conduct my research in the field of controlled nuclear fusion and its applications. I have had a keen interested in the sciences from an early age and feel privileged to be working at forefront of scientific research and hope to share my passion and enthusiasm with those I tutor.
I specialise in tutoring Physics and Maths, ensuring that my students have a good understanding of the fundamental principles giving them a strong foundation on which to build further knowledge and allowing them to confidently solve challenging problems.
I understand that each student has different abilities and interests so tailor my approach to maximise each students learning experience and enjoyment, making lessons both rewarding and memorable.



Education:  PhD Physics, (in progress) MRes (Distinction) Plastic Electronic Materials, MSc (Class I Hons.) Physics, Imperial College, London.

Approach and Experience: I started at Imperial College London in 2008 as an undergraduate studying physics. After gaining a MSci in Physics with 1st class honours I continued my studies by joining the multidisciplinary centre for doctoral training in plastic electronics (CDT-PE). Within the CDT-PE I completed a one year MRes in dye-sensitized thin film transistors, gaining a distinction. I have continued with this research looking into creating transparent photodetectors while undertaking a PhD within the same group.

I have a firm belief that you do not fully understand a subject unless you can explain it to another and this motivates me to formulate my research in a manner that is informative and not just information. It is also for this same reason I actively seek out teaching opportunities and outreach events to improve both my communication skills and others understanding.

My tutoring approach is to listen and watch a student to find the minor problems that are holding them back from progressing faster, then teach them the methods to overcome them. Whether this is the inability to understand how Maths fits into Physics or their reluctance to show their working out during exams. I have taught whole modules, exam preparation and complimentary lessons to previous students so am prepared for all situations.



Education: PhD Silicon Photonics (in progress), MEng (Hons.) Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Imperial College London

Approach and Experience: Once I completed my MEng degree at Imperial College, I pursued a PhD degree in Silicon Photonics at University College London. My research focuses on increasing the understanding of erbium doped silicon devices through rate equation modelling. Mathematics and its application to real world situations is a passion I have held from a very early age, and I aim to inspire others with this passion.
My method of tutoring concentrates on giving students a thorough understanding of the specific subject area. I focus on filling gaps in the student’s knowledge, allowing them to progress naturally to the more complex problems. I have experience in tutoring A level Mathematics to students with a wide range of abilities, and my patient yet persistent style will guarantee an improvement in exam marks. Another aspect of my teaching style is my emphasis on exam technique, ensuring that the student knows exactly what the examiner is looking for when answering exam questions. I believe that a thorough understanding of the subject, along with great exam technique, is a recipe for top exam grades.



Education: PhD Organic Chemistry, Imperial College, London. MChem, Chemistry, Bath University.

Approach and Experience: I was awarded my Ph.D from Imperial College this year. My research interests revolved around the design, synthesis and characterisation of biologically active molecules.
When not in the lab, I am a guest lecturer for a company specialising in medical school entrance exams. In this role, I teach students from a non-science background to a level that will qualify them to study medicine at university (by passing their entrance exams!)
I have three years experience of working as a demonstrator and supervisor. My objective with tutoring has always been to provide academic tuition that is tailored to the individual needs of my students. I combine my excellent subject knowledge with a desire to provide students with the skills required to achieve the very highest grades. Also, perhaps more importantly, I aim to develop the student’s intellectual curiosity in preparation for success in future education or employment.



Education: PhD Chemical Biology (in progress), MEng Materials Science and Engineering, Imperial College, London.

Approach and Experience: Really passionate about science and wants students to enjoy the subject too, tailors each session to make the subject matter interesting while matching the specific needs of the student. I encourage students to do as many questions as possible, as this is the best method to measure their level of understanding. I believe enjoying what one learns is paramount to success in education.




Education: MSc (Hons.) Mechanical EngineeringImperial College, London.

Approach and Experience: 

I am a patient, keen and passionate tutor. My Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering means I understand the principles behind the science and also how best to explain them.

I believe that the key to doing well in maths and physics is to have a clear understanding, if a student is having trouble with a topic then they are likely to have missed an important lesson. I find that once a student has a good grasp of the fundamental concept they realise their previous errors and significant progress is not uncommon.

However while I believe that understanding is the most important aspect, being prepared for the exam is just as vital. I have gone through all these exams before and I can empathise with the stress that students feel facing these exams. I endeavour to teach exam prep and in portions suited to the student.



Education:PhD (in progress) MSci (Class I Hons.) Astrophysics, University College, London.

Approach and Experience:I recently graduated from UCL with a Master in Science in Astrophysics and accepted a PhD studentship from the same University that enables me to carry on with my research interests, which are mainly focused on the search for planets outside our solar systems.
I have been always very keen in communicating science to other people, from friends to family, to school groups and students of all ages and backgrounds. I believe that enthusiastic scientists like me have a duty to disclose what they learn about the physical world in an easy and intelligible way to everybody. Although Maths and Physics might sometimes be frustrating, even the most complicated concepts can be broken into smaller pieces that can be easily understood, and even the most boring equation to solve can become a good game to play.
In my career I have developed clever techniques to maximize the study of the Physical subjects in order to obtain very good grades during examinations. I can teach you tricks and different approaches that will make a lot of difference in your results. I am also very keen to deepen your knowledge and give you on-going tuition, especially if you wish to continue into further education.



Education:  PhD Clean and Renewable Energies, (in progress), Imperial College, London. Dipl. Ing. (MSc) Mechanical Engineering, Technische Universität Munchen, Germany.

Approach and Experience: There are few activities which I regard to be more enjoyable and valuable than teaching. As such, I am an enthusiastic, highly experienced tutor focused on Physics, Maths, and Engineering subjects. I especially value supporting and motivating students who often struggle with Maths and Sciences.

I have been active as a tutor since 2005, when I began giving lessons to pupils having difficulties with Mathematics and Physics.
In my spare time, I enjoy jogging, cycling, going to the gym and improving my knowledge in French.



Education:MEng (in progress) Chemical Engineering, Imperial College, London.

Approach and Experience:I am currently in the third year of an MEng (honours) degree in Chemical Engineering at Imperial College London. As such I have developed the ability to analyse complex theories and to apply problem solving and numeracy techniques in novel situations.
My mother, a secondary school teacher for 11 years and my sister, an outstanding personal mentor in my early years, have inspired me to acquire knowledge and to propagate it with a deep passion. So I deal with each tutee in a case-by-case manner with an effort to identify their individual needs and tailor lessons accordingly.
I like to structure my lessons by explaining a topic through different media and reinforcing that with follow up home work. I go a step further and set topic-wise past paper solutions for the tutee to grasp exam-style questions. This has proven to be a successful technique at 11+ and A-levels.



Education: PhD (in progress) MSc (Class I Hons.) Theory and Simulation of MaterialsImperial College, London.

Approach and Experience: I am an experienced tutor specialized in Maths and Physics. I am always keen on helping students to have a deeper understanding of these subjects.

I usually try to make the students as much interested as possible in what they are studying, because I think it is easier for them to improve if they find the subject enjoyable. I then work on their ability to simplify and understand the problem, and I often create some specific exercises to train specific sets of skills.



Education:PhD (in progress) Astrophysics, University College, London. MPhys (Hons) Physics, University College, Oxford University.

Approach and Experience:I am a recent graduate from the University of Oxford, with an MPhys Honours Degree in Physics, specialising in Theoretical Physics and Astrophysics. I am currently at UCL studying for a PhD in Astrophysics.
I have taught secondary school students on numerous occasions in the past. I volunteered for over three months in Cheney School, Oxford, teaching GCSE Maths to struggling students where I was responsible for going over past papers with students, filling in any gaps within their knowledge and setting extra homework.
Moreover, during my second year at Oxford, I was chosen by my tutors to be the Undergraduate Physics Mentor in University College, where I helped younger Physics students with any challenges they may have been facing. I first built up a personal relationship with the student, and then worked out a method which I believed would be successful in helping them fulfill their potential. This has led me to develop mentoring and coaching skills as I try to get the very best out of an individual.
I encourage my students to ask questions and then I prompt them to solve their own problems by guiding them through the correct methodology and thinking processes. This reaffirms their understanding and encourages them to develop an inquisitive and thoughtful approach.
We are always interested to hear from excellent tutors. If you are interested in joining our team, please contact us.

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