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In this article Deep Lidder, Director of London Science Tutors, discusses the qualities to look for when choosing a Physics or Chemistry tutor for your child.

Many parents I have spoken with have expressed the difficulties they have experienced in trying to find a tutor to support their child’s Chemistry, Biology, Maths or Physics education. Having spent so much time, money and effort at getting to this level, parents understandably want to ensure that their child performs to the best of their abilities to ensure that they secure the required grades to go on to study their desired subject at University.

Both subjects require a thorough understanding and comfort with fundamental laws and scientific concepts. Learning and teaching these subjects is difficult and requires time, effort and experience. All tutors have different teaching styles, approaches and techniques. It is therefore well worth taking the time to ensure that the tutor you choose is a good fit for your child. I would highly encourage you to have a trial teaching session before committing to a tutor.

Prepare some questions for the tutor prior to the initial session to ensure that they are able to fully address your concerns and meet your objectives and targets. You may want to ask about their familiarity with the syllabus, as well as their previous tutoring experience.

It is important to communicate your expectations and requirements of tutoring, as everybody has their individual reasons. Some students are looking for a complement and alternative perspective to their classroom learning. Others require some additional support in areas, especially if they do not respond well to their teacher’s classroom teaching style. Other students are looking to be stretched beyond the confines of the syllabus. Identifying a clear reason why you are choosing a tutor will allow you to select somebody who understands and can meet your needs. It will also allow you to more effectively track progress towards your tutoring objectives.

I believe that it is the tutors job to develop an appropriate and workable strategy of manageable and realistic targets to cover the content effectively. I always work with my students and their parents to develop a detailed tutoring plan based on their requirements and objectives. This allows for material to be adequately covered prior to exams, as well as complementing content covered at school. Closer to the exams, a revision schedule of review and past exam questions is developed to ensure confidence with material and technique before going into an exam.

A good tutor will be able to cover more material effectively and in an understandable way suited to the student. They will ensure an active line of communication and feedback with both the parents and the student.

There are a multitude of benefits of a strong scientific education. Tutoring is a highly valuable experience for a student, allowing for a deeper level of understanding for the subject to be developed. Physics, Biology, Maths and Chemistry are all incredibly satisfying subjects to study and immensely enjoyable. Good teaching improves self-confidence and ensures that your child goes into the exam feeling as comfortable as possible, setting them up for the best chance of future success.


Deep Lidder is Director of London Science Tutors, providers of teaching and tutoring in Chemistry, Physics, Biology and Maths.

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