About LST

London Science Tutors is the leading provider of tutoring to students of Chemistry, Physics, Biology and Maths.

We believe that we have the strongest Science and Maths tutoring team in London – evidenced by the high demand for our tutors, consistently positive feedback and frequent referrals from satisfied parents and students.

All of our tutors come from exceptional academic backgrounds – having specialised in Science at Cambridge, Oxford, Imperial or UCL.

Scientific concepts are notoriously difficult to learn. Our tutors are not only very bright and passionate about science; but also clear and effective communicators of complex scientific ideas, as well as having a friendly and approachable manner.

In particular, our tutors are able to assist students with the following areas:

  • Consolidating and reviewing content: Ensuring that students understand all of the necessary material from exam specifications; taking the time to break down and discuss key topics.
  • Exam Skills: Focussing on developing clear and complete answers to get all of the marks, as well as speed and timing.
  • Revision Scheduling: Assisting students in using time out of school in an effective and structured way to ensure the best preparation for the exam.

London Science Tutors. London’s Leading Science and Maths Education Specialists.

Registered in England and Wales
Company Number: 8282838

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