Common Entrance Syllabus

We are committed to providing effective and focussed Science and Maths Education. All of our resources are developed with the aim of:

  • Developing a robust foundation of the fundamentals
  • Targeting content areas that require additional focus
  • Allowing your child to go beyond the syllabus in their stronger areas

The table below indicates all of the content on which there can be questions at each level of the ISEB Common Entrance.

We have also included areas where your child can go beyond the syllabus – this content is up to GCSE/IGCSE Level.

Our resources cover the below content to the required level on which your child can be tested at 13+ Common Entrance.

The ISEB Common Entrance Syllabus and the National Curriculum
We have a deep understanding and extensive experience of teaching to the National Curriculum and Common Entrance syllabuses – and have summarised the content in the table below.

The following links provide further detail on each syllabus.

The National Curriculum for Maths

The National Curriculum for Science

ISEB Common Entrance 13+ Maths Syllabus

ISEB Common Entrance 13+ Science Syllabus

Use the buttons to expand the table to include relevant content for your child.


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