Chemistry has played a pivotal role in the story of human development; amongst other things allowing for the development of new materials, foods and medicines. It is a highly dynamic subject and chemists continue to be at the centre of providing solutions to many of the world’s medical, environmental and ecological problems.

As well as being fundamental in our daily lives, Chemistry is a fundamental subject in Science. It overlaps with areas of Biology and Medicine, with Physics and Engineering, and with Geology and Earth Science. Therefore a firm grounding in the principles of Chemistry is highly valuable and will allow you the opportunity to move into a diverse range of fields. There are many areas of further study following on from an A-Level in Chemistry including Chemical Engineering, Pharmacology, Medicine, Veterinary Science and Biochemistry.

Chemistry Past Papers

Past A-Level Papers for Chemistry can be found here.

Past IGCSE Chemistry Papers can be found here.

Past GCSE Chemistry Papers can be found here.


If there are books or websites that you can recommend for other students, please do let us know and we can include them here.

Should you require any further information on suggested material for exam preparation, or suggestions for material that goes beyond the syllabus, you can discuss options with your tutor. Alternatively contact us directly.



The below recommended textbooks comprehensively cover all of the material in the A Level syllabuses.

Collins Advanced Science – Chemistry

Well-laid out and provides a lot of material for broad understanding of A Level Content, providing a solid and comprehensive overview rather than going into significant depth. Easy and clear to read – relevant topics are divided into chapters.

Advanced Chemistry (Advanced Science)

Each topic is clearly presented in a double-page colour spread – including clearly marked areas that go into extra depth beyond A Level. An excellent aid that will support self-study alongside the classroom. The publishers also provide a grid on their website allowing you to cross-check the chapters relevant for your particular syllabus.


General Interest

Books which are starred (*) are more general and appropriate for a popular audience. Please note that some of the books recommended below go well beyond the A-Level Syllabus and are recommended for those students looking who are particularly interested in the subject and are looking to be stretched. Those books marked “Advanced” are Undergraduate level texts.

P.W Atkins: Molecules (“Scientific American” Library) (Advanced)
J Keeler; P Wothers: Why Chemical Reactions Happen (Advanced)
Periodic Tales: The Curious Lives of the Elements (*)


The Royal Institution Christmas Lectures are available to stream from the RI Website. Highlights include last years lecture focused on Chemistry, which included demonstrations of a variety of explosive experiments too dangerous for the classroom!

RI 2012 Christmas Lectures: The Modern Alchemist
Explore the chemistry of the modern world. By Dr Peter Wothers

There are many interesting videos about Chemistry available to stream from YouTube – including this documentary “Chemistry: A Volatile History” presented by Jim Al-Khalili.

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