We provide the following specialist Science and Maths Guidance and Resources for students preparing for their IGCSE exams.

Please Note: This page is for students taking the IGCSE. If your child is sitting the GCSE, please find relevant resources here.

Weekly Homework Sheet

Are you worried that your child is not getting enough Science and Maths practice?

With so many subjects, is your child feeling overwhelmed and putting off work because they don’t know where to start?

Here’s how you can easily support your child to get ahead for one hour every weekend.

  • Extra Homework: We provide free weekly IGCSE Science and Maths homework on Fridays for your child to work through and practice over the weekend.
  • Clear Worked Solutions: Sent to you on Sunday afternoons, allowing your child to check their work easily and quickly.
  • Using Time Wisely: We know that with so many subjects, preparing for IGCSEs is a stressful and difficult time. Use the weekends and holidays most effectively to reduce the pressure.

Questions: Take a look at our free sample Homework Sheet below:

IGCSE Sheets


Answers: Sample Worked Solutions Here

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Every year we hear from parents concerned about how they can support their child with their IGCSEs:

  • “My child has been predicted a B/C, but I know that they are capable of an A/A* . They are not doing well in practice papers – and we aren’t sure why.”
  • “My child is swamped with books and materials for ten subjects, wherever should they start? I don’t know enough about the content and their teacher is not providing enough homework for the weekends and holidays – I fear that my child is wasting time and not doing enough practice”
  • “My child says that they are doing their homework online, but I’m worried they get distracted and are browsing the internet, wasting precious time. They are going to have these grades on their CV for life and it is vital for them to get the grades for their university application”

At LST we have a team of tutors and teachers dedicated to developing resources to help students aged 15-16 improve their Science and Maths in preparation for the IGCSEs.

Building on our cumulative experience, we have developed a deep understanding of the study and revision process at this stage, as well as the most effective ways to improve academic performance by two grades and more.

We understand that performance at this stage is vital to future progress. Our IGCSE resources are developed for:

  • Intelligent children aged 15-16,
  • Who want to improve their predicted grade from B/C to A/A*
  • and are not sure how to most effectively use their time to study and revise Science and Maths.

We have found that the greatest problems faced by these children are:

  • They feel overwhelmed by the amount and difficulty of the material they need to learn, understand and memorise – especially for topics they didn’t understand – and put it off until the Spring instead of starting now.
  • They do not realise the importance of the exams to their future – both for their application to University and CV.
  • Their exam technique requires improvement, but they do not know how to study and revise most effectively

From our experience, we have found that the following teaching framework works well with these children:

  1. A progressive and structured approach to content learning
  2. Regular “open book” homework and “closed book” testing
  3. Key topic identification for additional focussed reinforcement

Guide for Parents: Helping your child to get ahead

Our online guide (available here) discusses our approach further, and how to use our resources most effectively to support your child, including:

Questions: Take a look at our free sample Homework sheet below:

IGCSE Sheets


Answers: Sample Worked Solutions Here

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